Karma Flow 2 - Steel Skin [Work In Progress]

Splash Art

Splash Art

Karma Flow 2 - Steel Skin is a 2D Open-Stealth game that takes place in a noir setting, sequel to Karma Flow - The Prototype ( https://orudopatto.artstation.com/projects/VrwQR ). It continues the story of Meat Hunter Florien Kealborn and her team, the Old Major Organization.

The player will be able to complete their objective however they see fit. There's always more than one way to reach a certain goal. Most of the game's missions require the player to assassinate a given target. The player can decide when, where and how to kill the target. However, KF2 will feature a lot of variety and there will be missions with different kind of objectives to complete.

Freedom of movement is the key. I want to create something unique with high replayability in order for players to always find something new to do.

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