Karma Flow - The Prototype [2015]

Karma Flow – the Prototype is a 2D Noir Stealth game made for a Short Game Contest held in 2015 by an italian community. The game was developed in a month and a half.

The player takes on the role of the Meat Hunter Florien Kealborn, an hired hit. Throughout the five episodes that define the whole game experience, the player is tasked with the assassination of specific targets or is given specific mission objectives to carry out.

All of this must be done without alerting the Karma, a new and strange phenomenon that works under the "eye for an eye" principle.
He who kills dies the same way.

The player has complete freedom over the course of action. You can decide where to kill your target, when and how. However, all of this must be done without alerting the Karma. If you do, Florien will suffer the same death as her victim!
This requires you to find alternatives to direct kills.

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